Tentative 4th Spartan Invitational Ball Schedule!

07:30 AM Ballroom Open
09:00 AM Smooth
09:30 AM Standard
12:00 PM Awards
12:15 PM Lunch
01:15 PM Nightclub**
02:00 PM Awards
02:15 PM Rhythm
02:45 PM Latin
05:15 PM Awards
05:30 PM Dinner
06:30 PM Novice/Pre-Champ/Champ
09:00 PM Awards
09:15 PM Showcase
10:00 PM Competition Ends




7 thoughts on “Schedule

    • Hello! The November 21st competition is run by SJSU’s Ballroom Dance Club, the social dance club on campus; the event on the 14th is run by the SJSU Dancesport team, the school’s competitive ballroom team. They’re both ballroom competitions, though the one on the 14th will probably be better-attended. Let me know if you have any other questions!

    • Hey Bill,

      Yes, the 2017 Spartan Invitational Ball is scheduled for Saturday, November 11th. Stay tuned for the 2018 date — we should be able to announce the date by late spring or early summer 2018! Let us know if you have any questions!

      • Kat, I am looking for performers and people who could teach a few dance moves for fun to a bunch of teachers at a conference event in October. Who could I contact for that? t could be a good practice to dance before audience before the November event 🙂 I would appreciate any related info. Thanks.

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