The Ballroom Spartans Dancesport Team was first conceived in 2008. Bud Ayers, our adviser and a professional coach for the team, organized the first of our team’s Dancesport practices. He graciously took time out of his busy schedule to teach a group of SJSU students about competitive ballroom and competitions.

Some of the core individuals of that original group are still with the team as officers or as senior members. Eventually in 2009 our team became an official club that was recognized by the school. We gained privileges to use certain facilities and support from our school.

In 2010 we took a huge leap and pushed to become part of the SJSU Club Sports Program. As a Club Sport, our team is placed on the same level of seriousness and competitiveness as other sports such as Kendo or Hockey. The school has recognized us an entity that will proudly represent SJSU in the collegiate ballroom circuit.

As a team we hope to continue representing our sport and ensure that the team and its members do not disrespect or embarrass SJSU, Club Sports, and the students of our wonderful campus.