Competition Rules and Information


The Spartan Invitational Ball will host events in American, International, and Nightclub styles. Multi-dances are separated by a slash (e.g. “Silver Waltz/Tango”). Competitors entered in a multi-dance must compete in all dances listed.

Stay tuned for a full list of events!

Registration / Fees


Online registration is now available on O2CM!


Entry is $30 per person.

Regular registration ends October 28th, 2017; a $10 late fee will be charged to all entries after this time until November 4th at which time late-registration will close.


Formation team registration is $50 for the team. Additionally, all formation team competitors must purchase a competitor pass ($30 / person, if they plan to compete in additional events) or a spectator ticket ($5 / person, if they only plan to compete as a team). Formation teams must register by 2 P.M. on the day of the competition.

Please see our payment page for more info about registration payment.


** To ensure fair competition, we follow the Collegiate Dancesport Association’s Fair Level Certification **

Shoe policy

All competitors must wear shoes that will not damage the floor or leave marks. Suede-bottom shoes are preferred. High-heeled shoes must have heel protectors.

Costume policy

Costumes are not permitted in newcomer level. Competitors dancing at bronze level or higher may wear costumes.


Ballroom and Latin dances are offered from newcomer level to open / pre-champ. All nightclub dances are open-level; there will be no level division for nightclub dances. Please read the descriptions below and choose your competition levels carefully; costume and syllabus restrictions will be strictly enforced for all levels. Competing couples may dance at the level for which they are eligible and one level higher (for example, dancing in bronze and silver is allowed, but dancing in bronze and gold is not). We will be using the YCN point system to determine levels for dancers.

  • Newcomer: Both couples began dancing less than a year ago. Bronze syllabus is used. No costumes may be worn.
  • Bronze: Dancers who are relatively inexperienced should dance at a bronze level. Only bronze-syllabus moves may be used. Costumes are permitted.
  • Silver: Silver-level competitors have a fair amount of competition experience. Only silver- and bronze-level moves may be used. Costumes are permitted.
  • Gold: Dancers with more competition experience will find gold level appropriate. All syllabus choreography (gold, solver, and bronze) may be used. Costumes are permitted.
  • Advanced: Serious competitors at the level of USABDA/NDCA novice level should dance in advanced events. Competitors who have placed out of prenovice level in USABDA events are only eligible for advanced and/or open levels. Costumes are strongly encouraged and there are no choreography restrictions.
  • Open: Open is the highest available level of an amateur competition. Competitors who have placed out of novice level at USABDA events may only dance at open level. Costumes are strongly encouraged and there are no choreography restrictions.

Questions about syllabus restrictions? Check out the syllabus links in our resources page.

7 thoughts on “Competition Rules and Information

    • Formation teams can have any advanced choreography they want, as long as the team understands SJSU is not liable for the outcomes of those lifts and drops 🙂

  1. Can a couple be “disqualified” or marked lower by judges if they dance above the level at which they are signed up? (Ie: registered in beginning nite club but dancing at an intermediate or advanced level)

    • Newcomer nightclub events are for dancers who have just started dancing that style; anyone with more than a few months’ experience is expected to dance in the open / general nightclub level. No syllabus is enforced for nightclub events, but for closed-syllabus events dancers may be subject to disqualification for using figures outside the allowed level. Please let me know if you need any more clarification!

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