4th Spartan Invitational Ball Entries Now Visible!


The entries and times for events are now live!! 🙂 Click the link above to scope out your competition and phone in to your folks when you’ll be competing! We’re very excited to see you all in just a few short days~


Registration for the 4th Annual Spartan Invitational Ball is now open!

Here is a quick link to our registration: http://register.o2cm.com/?event=sib

Our normal registration date will end on October 28th. From there, a $10 late fee will be incurred for late registration up until November 4th. All registration closes on November 4th so that we can get a preliminary heat list up!

REMINDER: Payment will be done on the day of competition at the door! Cash or check only. Please make checks out to SJSU Dancesport.

Any questions regarding payment can be answered here: https://sjbsdt.wordpress.com/payment/

In addition, any general questions about the location, food options, and keeping up with logistics can be done at this URL: https://sjbsdt.wordpress.com/

We are very excited to have you here. Let’s have a ball!! 

4th Spartan Invitational Ball Is Here! Saturday, November 11, 2017

SJSU Dancesport Team is proud to announce our 4th annual Spartan Invitational Ball!  The event will be taking place in our Student Union Ballroom located on the second floor of the Student Union.

We are honored to announce our showcase couple, Max Sinitsa and Tatiana Seliverstova who will be performing 3 exciting & riveting Smooth showcases.

Lastly, our prestigious showcase couple will be hosting 3 workshops the day after. 1st will be Standard with Max, 2nd is Tatiana with Latin, and lastly, the two of them together will host a Smooth workshop on the dynamics within choreography and performance.

Spectator fee is $5 and all SJSU students can enter FREE with their Tower Card.
Stay tuned for more updates!!!Millennium17_96305