About Us

Mission Statement

The purpose of our organization is to make competitive ballroom instruction accessible to all students and faculty, and facilitate a strong learning environment for dance.

Competitive Dancesport Program

As the first official Dancesport team of San Jose State University, we provide all of the following to all of our members:

  • Information
    The world of competitive ballroom dancing is much larger then most realize. As a team we provide all members with information and training regarding Dancesport competitions. This includes information outside the dancing such as ballroom etiquette, competition mechanics and scoring, how to choose equipment, how to perform and compete, where to go for outside training, and other useful facts besides the dance training.
  • Training
    Our team trains dancers from beginning/newcomer to intermediate/advance in all Standard Ballroom and International Latin. Whether you are just starting out or have been dancing for years, our team can help you grow and progress in ways you would never expect. Through practice, office hours, and lessons, our team will help you accomplish your goals as a dancer and as an athlete.
  • Subsidies and Savings
    We also understand that Ballroom can be an expensive hobby. Our team does its very best to provide members with the best possible training at the lowest cost. Members are provided with practice time and office hours to grow from and take advantage of. Senior members teach beginners and professional coaches train intermediate/advance dancers. Through volunteer hours and contributions to our local dance studios we earn opportunities to participate in dance events and classes. Our team also provides subsidized prices on things such as shoes, uniforms, and other equipment. The subsidies can increase as members take on additional roles and responsibilities, either as officers or as student instructors/coaches.
  • Support and Encouragement
    Competitive ballroom can be a hard and frustrating sport. Rather then being completely individualized, you have to coordinate with a partner and compete against other couples. As a team we teach you the most important thing you will ever need to know: You are not alone. We are all making the same journey with you. Some of us are walking a little further ahead, but in the end we are all walking in the same direction. We stick together as a team and support each other in our times of distress and frustration. At the same time, we congratulate each other and push ourselves to do our very best. We all love to dance and we hope that you will love just as much as we do. We are the Ballroom Spartans!!!

Spring 2014 Officers:

  • President – Richard Tsai
  • Vice-President- Richelle Gali
  • Treasurer- Shaquiel Pashtunyar

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